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Service company for the geology and engineering

We are a team of professionals motivated by our shared passion for applied Geophysics, developing and exploiting its potential in the search for underground water and creating geological models of the subsurface. This field of research demands high specialization, reliability and continuous updating of seismic surfacing techniques. We adhere and respond to these requirements and can offer an efficient service to companies which operate both domestically and internationally.


Geophysical surveying techniques are considered the starting point for modeling the subsurface.
The execution of appropriate geophysical surveys in the preliminary phase of project planning allows for effective evaluation of successive geognostic surveys and adds extended information in the context of bi and tri-dimensional analysis of the subsoil.

The geoelectric methods most frequently used for testing the subsoil are based on entering the ground with electrical currents (geoelectricity).
These surveys allow us to achieve effective results in the field of water research, in monitoring damaged buildings, land drainage and reclamation as well as in archeological research.

We at GeoErnergizers can provide, if required , a valid service of assistance in morphometric detection with the collaboration of competent professionals in the field of surveying and satellite measurement technologies (GPS ) both on the ground or transported (Drones).